PARCEL U | Site Plan (August 2014)

The Proposed Project involves new development in three phases with landscaping and open space that offers a mix of homeownership townhouses and rental apartment building which includes 24 Energy Efficient Townhouses (48 condominium units +/-) and one block of 76 units of Multifamily Mixed-income rental apartments totaling approximately 193,310 square feet of gross floor area (inclusive of parking and utility areas), which in total will contain approximately 124 dwelling units +/-, a ground floor retail space and a community room. 

The new construction for the Phase A development program of 49,260 gsf includes 24 homeownership units in townhouse configuration. The Phase B new construction development program of 49,260 gsf to follow includes 24 homeownership units in townhouse configuration. After discussions with the BRA, 6 units in the two initial phases will be designated as affordable units.

The final Phase C new development program of 94,030 gsf includes 76 rental units, 1,620 gsf of retail space, 1,040 gsf of community space and 42 basement level parking spaces are proposed  in an apartment block configuration, with 38 units as affordable units.

The Site circulation plan is designed to create a safe and pleasant entry to the Proposed Project from Hyde Park Avenue through 2-driveway ramps. On-site parking will be located in the basement garages of the townhouses and the basement level of the apartment building.

There are three major open spaces within the three phases that will provide a variety of urban outdoor experiences. The green spaces include a buffer zone between Tollgate Cemetery and Phase A development, a pocket park at Walk Hill intersection and a public park adjacent to Phase C development. These open spaces are conceived for allowing view, light and air for the residents and pedestrians along Hyde Park Avenue.

By closely following the recommendations of the 2008 Forest Hills Improvement Initiative comprehensive planning study, as discussed, the Proposed Project aims to supply much needed additional housing for Jamaica Plain in close proximity to the Forest Hills MBTA Station while respecting the residential scale and unique feel of the Forest Hills area. The Proposed Project will also contribute towards meeting the City of Boston’s goal of adding 30,000 new housing units by 2020.