Parcel U is conceived as a continuation of the long term revitalization of the Jamaica Plain’s Washington Street and Hyde Park Avenue. The Proposed Project will be among the first few larger MBTA parcels to be developed from a vacant non-productive site into a lively and urban residential community with some community and retail spaces.

The Project aims to bridge the different scales of the surrounding context. The Project Site is located at the Southwest corner of the Forest Hills T Station, directly bounded by the MBTA commuter rail tracks, Hyde Park Avenue, Ukraine Way and the Tollgate Cemetery.

Occupying a challenging site that mediates between Hyde Park Avenue and the MBTA Commuter Rail and Amtrak lines, two busy traffic lines, the building’s design is required to be robust and to be able to convey the dynamic qualities of the two through-fares. The Site is also located at transitional zone of finer grain residential scales and urban configurations along Washington Street and Hyde Park Avenue.

The development of this parcel owned by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority will provide 124 residential units, in a variety of unit types ranging from studios, 1-bedroom, 2-bedrooms and 3-bedrooms, in a couple types of urban typology: a townhouse type and a multifamily apartment building type.

Urbanica was selected by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority [MBTA] through its real estate representative; Transit Realty Associates [TRA] from a two phase “Invitation to Bid” process as the designated developer of the Site. Urbanica, Inc, in collaboration with The Community Builders, the Mixed Income Housing Partner for the mixed-Income rental apartments, will lead a team of professional designers, planners, engineers and consultants with extensive experience in the development of mixed-use projects.